Admission to women's shelters in Amed suspended

In the women's shelters in Amed, no new arrivals are being accepted due to the Corona pandemic and lack of personnel.

Since the Corona pandemic has also had a major impact on life in Turkey, violence against women has been on the rise. Between 11 and 31 March, 21 women were murdered by men, in 18 cases in their own homes. The perpetrators are men from the closest circle of women: husbands, partners, fathers, sons, brothers, rejected lovers. In this life-threatening situation for women, the municipal women's shelters in Amed (Diyarbakir) have imposed a ban on admission.

The women's shelters operated by the city and district municipalities under state-appointed trustees state as justification that the staff has been sent home as part of the measures against pandemic and that there is no longer any capacity to receive them. Applications for admission are forwarded to the Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centre ŞÖNİM (Şiddet Önleme ve İzleme Merkezi), which refers the women seeking support to the police. The police accompany the women to the hospital for health checks. If they test negative for the corona virus, the police bring them back to the Violence Prevention Centre, which operates six facilities in Amed. Since these facilities are also overcrowded, women are only admitted if their lives are in acute danger.