Autobiography of Sakine Cansız presented in Milan

In the Italian city of Milan, the third volume of "My whole life was a fight" by Sakine Cansiz was launched.

In the House of Women, the "Casa delle Donne", the third volume of "My whole life was a fight", the biography of Heval Sara (Sakine Cansız) was presented on Monday evening. There were 50 people, mostly women, to listen to both the reading and the story of the Kurdish women's movement, told through the biography of Heval Sara. Kurdish revolutionary Sakine Cansız was shot dead in January 2013 together with Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez by an MIT agent in Paris. She had already written her biography in the 1990s.

The event emphasized in particular the significance inherent in the liberation of women within the Kurdish freedom movement. The speakers also talked about the development of Abdullah Öcalan's theories. In addition, the developments of the revolution in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria were reported, as well as the illegal occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army under Erdoğan and his associate jihadists.

The event was organized by an association of women dedicated to internationalist understanding of feminist struggles worldwide and the House of Women, the "Casa delle Donne Milano".

Many questions were asked, with particular interest in the theory of Democratic Confederalism, its practical implementation and the situation of women in the Middle East. The Jineology, the science of women, was also discussed and how the contents are combined with the everyday lives of women in Europe was talked about.