Belgian activist: Abdullah Öcalan inspires the peoples of the world

Belgian activist Diego del Norte demanded the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and said, "Abdullah Öcalan's ideas inspire not only millions of Kurds but also people from all over the world."

The international campaign "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, political solution to the Kurdish question", which was launched on 10 October with a joint statement in 74 centres around the world, continues to receive support from different social segments in the international arena.

Speaking to ANF, Diego del Norte, an activist in the social movements in Belgium, stated that Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's Democratic Confederalism paradigm is a source of hope and inspiration for those in search of a new world, and called for the campaign for Abdullah Öcalan's freedom to be embraced.

"People from different parts of the world, such as India, the Philippines, Colombia, different parts of Europe, now also see Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm of Democratic Confederalism as an inspiring ideology," said Activist Del Norte and continued: "I think Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm is very encouraging and inspiring in that it shows that despite our very different realities, we are facing the same kind of problems. Many of us today wish to go beyond the traditional methods we have been taught and find other ways of organising society. Especially the issues of the nation state, borders, different identities, which have come up frequently in recent times, are very important. In the face of such problems, Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm offers a way out for all of us."

Activist Del Norte also emphasised the importance of the "Freedom for Öcalan and political solution to the Kurdish question" campaign and said: "Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdish People and the PKK, has been subjected to extreme oppression and isolation like many revolutionaries throughout history. Abdullah Öcalan's detention, which has continued for more than 20 years under illegal and inhumane conditions, must end."

Del Norte stated that the struggle for Abdullah Öcalan's freedom should be waged everywhere and added: "Öcalan is a source of inspiration and hope for people struggling for the construction of a new world all over the world.  We must demand the freedom of Öcalan who inspires us. I also think that reading Öcalan's thoughts and works will benefit us. Abdullah Öcalan is also a productive writer with deep thoughts about the times we live in.  Öcalan has also shown that a political movement such as the PKK, as it has proved for decades, can take on a history of struggle and transform itself over time," he added.