Commemoration for Alina Sanchez and Anna Campbell in Rojava

A commemoration ceremony was held in memory of YPJ internationalists Alina Sanchez and Anna Campbell in Rimelan town of Rojava.

A commemoration ceremony was held in Rimelan town of Rojava in memory of YPJ British internationalist Anna Campbell (Helin Karaçox) who was killed by Turkish bombardment on Afrin on March 15, and YPJ Argentinian internationalist Alina Sanchez (Lêgerîn Çiya) who lost her life in a traffic accident while on her way from Cizire region to Heseke on March 17.

The ceremony organized by Kongreya star and Rojava Health Committee in Aram Tigran Culture and Arts Hall was attended by Alina Sanchez’s mother Patricia Gregorini, comrades of the two internationalists and a large number of civilians.

Speaking here, Kongreya Star official Medya Muhammed stressed that they will embrace the memories of Alina and Anna.

The speech was followed by a sinevision screening about the two martyrs of Rojava and humanity.

Speaking on behalf of the comrades of the two women, Şîlan Dağ said the following; “Helin and Legerin joined the YPG because of their ideal to create a new world. They had goals, for which reason they left their home countries and came to Rojava. There are hundreds of internationalists taking part in the struggle here. They are from various countries around the world, they are those who believe in the freedom of humanity and revolutionary struggle. Their loss is a very heavy on efor us. We will continue to follow in their footsteps.”

Speaking on behalf of Jineology internationalists group, Şervîn Alman said they witnessed in the resistance in Kobanê and other parts of Rojava that women’s emancipation and socialism will develop together.

The event ended with the slogan 'Şehîd namirin' (martyrs are immortal).