Confederation of Young Syrian Women to be established

At the young women's conference, it was decided to increase the struggle for the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan and to work for the establishment of the Confederation of Young Syrian Women.

The conference "Young Women's Leadership in the Revolution" organised by the Young Women's Union in Qamishlo under the slogan "Towards the Women's Revolution with Jin Jiyan Azadî" ended with the reading of the final declaration.

The final declaration was read in Kurdish and Arabic by Berîtan Roj, Young Women's Union Assembly member, and Nadiya Yusuf, Young Women's Union Coordination member.

In the final declaration, it was stated that the conference was organised with the participation of 150 delegates from Syria, the Middle East and many countries of the world who were looking for an alternative to the capitalist system, and that topics such as "Democratic Nation Building and Women's Confederalism" and "The role and mission of young women in the construction of Democratic Confederalism" were discussed within the scope of the philosophy of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

According to the final declaration, important views and decisions emerged at the conference, and the decisions taken were listed as follows: "Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) gave the most meaningful value and power to women's freedom. On this basis, he determined the perspective of the women's revolution and drew the road map. Aesthetically, he built a foundation from ideas to active self-defence (women's army) and from the body to self-organisation. With these principles, what young women should do for themselves is to struggle for freedom. The qibla of freedom is the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan. In this context, the following decisions have been taken:


1-The physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Öcalan will be taken as the basis of all our work and thoughts.

2- Under the campaign 'Jin Jiyan Azadi Serbixwe Azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom, Let’s Win Freedom), a broad front must be organised for the physical freedom of Leader Apo, extending from Syria to the Middle East.

3-For the physical freedom of Leader Apo, on the basis of opposing sports that create addiction and deepen the system of exploitation, women's sports tournaments will be organised as an alternative based on healthy, moral and political societies in the Middle East, and this tournament will be held in Rojava.


Young women take the 5 principles of women's liberation as a basis for the development and victory of the women's revolution. On this basis, they summarise the road map of their work as follows:

1- Women take an active role in the establishment of the 'women's confederalism system' and lead it.

2- Women carry out the necessary work for the establishment of a confederation of young Syrian women.


After the reading of the final declaration, a message written on behalf of the Young Women's Union for young Kenyan women was read.

At the end of the statement, leaflets titled "Establishing democratic modernity with the Jin Jiyan Azadî formula" were distributed and the slogans "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi", Bijî Serok Apo" (Long Live Leader Öcalan) and Bijî berxwedana guerrilla" (Long Live the guerrilla resistance) were chanted.