First Women's Revolution Forum issues list of decisions to strenghten women's struggle

The first forum of the Women's Revolution at the Middle East level ended with important decisions taken to strengthen women's struggle and expand women's solidarity with the 19 July Revolution.

The second day of the Women's Revolution Forum held in Qamishlo with the slogan "We will protect and advance the gains of the revolution with the unity of women", discussed the impact of the problems in Syria on Syrian women, the impact of the ideas and philosophy of leader Abdullah Öcalan on Kurdish and all women, the importance of organizing. The forum ended with decisions taken to strengthen solidarity.

Women emphasized that the main purpose of the forum was to raise the voice of the women's revolution, and the importance of taking a common stance in the attacks against the 19 July Revolution was pointed out. Women underlined that the level of organization of women and the measures of freedom and democracy would change in every field.

Women said it would be important to increase unity as well as women's struggle in all fields.

The final declaration was read in Kurdish by Îlham Mitlî, a member of the Assyrian Women's Union, and in Arabic by Pencewîn Elî, a member of the Kongra Star Coordination Relations Committee.

The final decisions of the forum were as follows:

"The Women's Revolution Forum in Northern and Eastern Syria was held in Qamishlo on 22 and 23 July 2022. 200 women from all parts of Syria attended the forum. Many women from the Middle East and different countries also attended the forum through zoom.

Women and women's organizations in the Middle East, US and Europe sent congratulatory messages to the forum and conveyed their solidarity.

The main purpose of the forum was to disseminate the perspectives of the struggle to protect and develop the women's revolution, by evaluating the processes of the women's revolution and its results.

In this context, many issues such as the results of the revolution's 10-year struggle, the attacks on the revolution and women's resistance, the impact of the revolution on the women's struggle line in Kurdistan, Syria, the Middle East and all other countries were widely discussed.

We condemn the killing of YPJ, SDF and YAT Commander Jiyan Tolhildan, YPJ Commander Roj Xabûr and YAT member Barîn Botan, and promise to follow their struggle for women's freedom and to protect women's autonomous and natural power.

Based on the discussions about protecting and promoting women's revolution, we came to important conclusions.

- During the 10 years of the revolution, historical steps were taken and great successes were achieved for all women. These achievements of the women's revolution gave hope to the whole world. In order to grow and continue the revolution, the decision was made to raise the struggle.

- The women's revolution has faced violent attacks. Our revolutionary struggle has not yet achieved all its goals. To secure the revolution, we must always increase its gains and bring the revolution into every house where there are women.

- The Women's laws are seen as the great achievement of the revolution. In order for women's laws to be implemented, the struggle must be conducted and strengthened at the Syrian level.

- The realization of such a women's meeting at Syrian level is a great success. This also highlights the importance of developing democratic women's alliances. We need to further strengthen solidarity among women in all the regions of Syria.

- Considering that the women's revolution is first and foremost a consciousness revolution, we decided to raise the struggle for freedom.

- It is our main duty to save all women from occupation, violence and prison. To this end, we will increase our struggle. We will strengthen our struggle to liberate cities such as Afrin, Bab, Jarablus, Ezaz, Idlib, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spi, which are under the occupation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries.

- Genocide attacks are mostly directed against women. Women should use the power of self-defense against all kinds of attacks by the occupying forces and male mentalities, and no woman should be left unprotected.

- It should be known that a democratic and permanent solution is not possible without the will of women. The participation of women in political decisions should be ensured and women's rights should be included in the future Syrian constitution.