French jihadist woman responds the allegations of YPG torture

Emilie Konig, a French jihadist woman captured by YPG, spoke up on the allegations by French media outlets about her.

French media has been spreading news about Emilie Konig, a French jihadist woman captured by YPG forces, that she faced oppression and was tortured by YPG. Konig responded the claims.

Konig said that all her and her childrens’ basic needs were met during her stay in the Hol refugee camp:

“Some women told me that I would be persecuted, tortured and oppressed in YPG camps. I was asked by YPG to answer only a few questions when I was brought to the Hol refugee camp and my photos were taken. All these did not take more than two hours. Then they gave a shelter for me and my children to stay in. I was not subjected to any ill-treatment. Later, when I was told that I would be brought to another camp, I was so scared. I thought that I was going to be tortured in there. I immediately found a phone, called my mother and said I was afraid of the “possibility of torture”. Then I realized that there is no such thing. All my and my childrens’ needs have been met on a regular basis here. I did not have any problems during my investigation. The investigation is a normal process. It is hard to experience it this way. But it is just an ordinary investigation process that consisting of questions and answers. Nothing else.”