Giant mural painted for German PKK guerrilla Riemer in Berlin

Activists in Berlin painted a giant mural of HPG guerrilla Jakob Riemer (Siyar Gabar) on the first anniversary of his martyrdom.

German guerrilla Jakob Riemer (Siyar Gabar) was martyred in clashes with the Turkish army in the Carcella region of Hakkari’s Gever (Yuksekova) district on July 9, 2018. Several memorials have been held on the first anniversary of his martyrdom.

A group of activists from the Resistance Committees (Widerstandkomitees) painted a giant mural in Berlin in Riemer’s memory. The mural painted on the façade of a disused building depicts Riemer with a PKK flag.

Activists had recently changed the name of the Hein-Kollisch-Platz avenue in Riemer’s hometown Hamburg’s St. Pauli district to “Jakob/Siyar-Platz”. Riemer had travelled to Kurdistan and joined the guerrilla in 2013.