Güven and Alökmen not allowed to defend themselves in Kurdish

Demands by DTK Co-Chair Leyla Guven and HDP Provincial Co-Chair Hülya Alökmen to make a defence in Kurdish were denied as the judge claimed that they used their "right to remain silent."

Imprisoned Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair Leyla Güven and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Amed Provincial Co-chair Hülya Alökmen filed an appeal with the Elazig Execution Judgeship against the prison administration’s decision to prohibit communication and visitation on the grounds that they sang and danced in Kurdish.

The appeal against the decision of the administration of the Elazig Women's Closed Prison was examined today. Güven and Alökmen wanted a Kurdish defence at the hearing they attended.

The judge stated that Güven and Alökmen knew Turkish and could defend themselves in Kurdish if they paid the translator's fee, which the two politicians refused.

The judge said that Güven and Alökmen claimed “their right to keep silent" by refusing to pay the translator's fee.

The judge denied Güven and Alökmen's request to be represented by a translator outside the session.

Attr. Serdar Çelebi demanded the disciplinary sanction to be lifted.

The judgeship determined that camera recordings be asked for examination and that the case be referred to the prosecutor's office for opinion afterwards.