Indictment against Warishe Moradi prepared six months after her abduction

More than six months after her enforced disappearance in East Kurdistan, an indictment was prepared against KJAR member Warishe Moradi on the charge of "acting against national security."

Warishe Moradi, also known as Ciwana Sine, was arrested on 1 August during a police check near her hometown of Sine (Sanandaj) and taken to an unknown location. The activist, who is a member of the Coordination of the Community of Free Women of East Kurdistan (KJAR), the umbrella organization of the Kurdish women's movement in Iran. She was committed to women's political and feminist issues such as protection from violence, equality and self-determination and worked towards positive social transformation in many areas of targeted projects - much to the displeasure of the mullahs' regime.

After 70 days without any news, it was learned that the female activist was kept in Sine detention centre and was subjected to severe torture.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported on 4 February that Warishe Moradi was detained in Evin Prison in Tehran, where she was held for months in the notorious high-security wing 209, also under torture and ill-treatment with the aim of breaking her or forcing a confession from her. Moradi has only been held in the women's section of the prison since the beginning of January.

According to KHRN, an indictment has been prepared against the KJAR activist six months after her abduction. The accusation against her is based on actions that allegedly jeopardise national security and is related to Moradi's alleged membership of the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK). The PJAK is considered a "separatist terrorist organisation" in Iran and is prosecuted accordingly. Alleged and actual members often receive the death penalty. The indictment was sent to Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court.