Internationalist women in Frankfurt expose war crimes carried out by Turkey with a video action

Internationalist young women exposed the war crimes carried out by the Turkish state with a video action in Frankfurt.

Internationalist young women took to the streets against chemical weapons attacks in Frankfurt.

The women, who met at Bockenheimer Warte on Thursday evening, exposed the war crimes carried out by the Turkish state against the Kurds with a video action.The women showed a video projection showing footage of Turkish war crimes and the effects of chemical weapons used.

"We can no longer accept the disgusting war waged by Turkey and NATO in the Middle East," said the women, adding: "If the mountains of Kurdistan are attacked, our freedom and our future will also be attacked. The Turkish state and its accomplice, the German state, should know that the youth in Germany, Kurdistan and all over the world will fight back against the capitalist system, which robs them of any prospects and future. We see your crimes and we will stand up against them here and everywhere. Justice is on the side of the disenfranchised and will prevail. We are sure of it.”

The activists showed solidarity with the guerrilla resistance and shouted the Kurdish slogan “Jin Jiyan Azadî – woman, life, freedom”.