Iraqi women support TAJÊ's campaign: We will be the voice of self-defence against femicide

Supporting the TAJÊ’s campaign "Against femicide – be the voice of self-defense", female politicians, journalists, intellectuals and activists from Iraq said: “We will fight together and be the voice of self-defence against femicide.”


The Freedom's Movement of Êzidî Women (TAJÊ / Tevgera Azadiya Jinên Êzidî) launched an international campaign on 8 March called "Against femicide – be the voice of self-defense". TAJÊ wants to "raise our voices against feminicide and for self-defense" until 3 August, the tenth anniversary of the genocide and femicide in Shengal. TAJÊ called "on all women worldwide to become part of the campaign, saying: “We hope that you will join the campaign in various and colorful ways. It is our wish that everyone takes the initiative to develop the campaign further. Furthermore, we also want to make some proposals for a common program. Let us animate them together!"

Female politicians, journalists, intellectuals and political activists from 18 Iraqi cities made a written statement in support of TAJÊ's campaign.

Pointing out that the government, which is the stronghold of the male-dominated mentality, is waging a war against the society, the statement said: “The biggest victims of these wars have been women and children. Especially in the 21st century, the capitalist system has escalated violence against women. Women face all kinds of violence. There is no doubt that these problems are current and are experienced all over the world, and the will of women is ignored every day. The system consciously targets women because the genocide of women means the genocide of society. Against all these genocidal attacks, women are increasing their struggle. With the philosophy of ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ [Woman, Life, Freedom], the 21st century will be the century of women.”

The statement drew attention to Iraq's history of resistance and said, “Arab, Kurdish, Yazidi, Turkmen, Armenian and Christian peoples have been living in peace in these lands for thousands of years. Hegemonic powers always attack peoples to protect their own interests. Iraq is one of the countries where many wars have been fought and women of all nationalities have been subjected to violence. In this sense, women still bear the pain of wars. Women should wage a common struggle to prevent these genocidal attacks and the current violence.”

The statement, which also mentioned the massacre of Yazidi women by ISIS gangs, emphasised that they do not accept the genocide against the Yazidi people and that all the pain inflicted on Yazidi women is the pain of Iraqi women.

The statement concluded: “We, as women politicians, journalists, intellectuals and activists from 18 Iraqi cities, offer our support to TAJÊ's campaign "Against femicide – be the voice of self-defense". We will fight together against femicide. We will be the voice of self-defence against femicide.”