Josep Nadal: "Erdogan's shelling and attacks are a flagrant violation of international law"

"The conscious people of Europe, like the Valencian People, admire the struggle of the Kurdish People for democracy, self-determination and women's liberation," says Josep Nadal from Valencia's government party Compromís.

ANF spok with Josep Nadal, deputy of Les Corts Valencianes (parliament of the Valencian Country) representing the left wing party called Compromís, which is currently part of the Valencian government.

How do you assess this new attack by the Turkish regime?
We are very concerned about the news coming from the North and East of Syria. The shelling by the Erdogan regime is a flagrant violation of international law with the aggravating circumstance that it is directed against the civilian population.
The international community, and in particular the states of the European Union, should act forcefully against Turkey. The reaction should be at least the same as it was with Russia for the invasion of Ukraine: an economic and political blockade of the invading power and humanitarian and defense aid to the victims of the invasion.

What is your opinion of the relationship of the Spanish State and Government with Erdogan?
The Spanish Government of PSOE and Unidas Podemos is failing to fulfill the public commitments it has acquired with the culture of peace and specifically with the resolutions of the State Parliament and those of the autonomous communities (regional administrations) condemning Erdogan's military invasions.

It makes no sense that Spain is providing strong military aid to Ukraine with the argument of defending the integrity of states and international law, while at the same time it is selling arms to Erdogan.

Unfortunately, the arms lobby has a strong influence on the Socialist Party, the main government party. A party which in international politics has abandoned its democratic tradition by supporting totalitarian regimes like Erdogan's.
The President of the Government has recently been appointed President of the Socialist International. With this appointment, this international organization is staining, once again, the good name of socialism and that of many socialists who gave their lives for democracy and freedom of the peoples.

It should also be noted that the Turkish Embassy exercises great pressure on Spanish political life with frequent threats of economic blockade for any political action in favor of the Kurdish people.

What is your opinion of the Turkish regime's tactics leading to the creation of ISIS in the region?
It is an unfortunate strategy for all the peoples of the region and for the entire international community. Turkey's connivance in the emergence and subsequent growth of ISIS is once again on the table.

Spain has been one of the countries attacked by ISIS and is threatened by this terrorist organization, which will carry out more attacks. The whole European Union should be more forceful with Erdogan, and not only for solidarity with the Kurdish people, but because our territory is suffering a terrorist threat.

With the current situation, the leaders of the European Union are betraying the interests of Europe.

The conscious people of Europe, like the Valencian People, admire the struggle of the Kurdish People for democracy, self-determination and women's liberation. These are universal values that restore our confidence in humanity.

We will always be indebted to the women and men of Kurdistan for stopping ISIS, and even if our rulers bow to the moral corruption of supporting regimes like Erdogan's, it is clear to us that we will do our best to support our Kurdish sisters and brothers who are fighting for a more just world.