Maraş Massacre commemoration and MARDEF congress in Langenthal

A commemoration was held for those who lost their lives in the 1978 Maraş Massacre in Langenthal, followed by the 2nd Congress of the Maraş Federation of Democratic Associations - Switzerland (MARDEF).

MARDEF members, local associations, representatives of institutions, Sur Municipality co-mayor Abdullah Demirbaş and Batman Municipality co-mayor Necdet Atalay, who were replaced by state-appointed trustees, attended the commemoration held in Langenthal Cemevi in Bern canton.

A minute’s silence was held for those who lost their lives in the December massacres, Maraş, 2000 prisons and Roboski massacres.

Ibrahim Sinemillioğlu, one of the Maraş Massacre lawyers who attended the commemoration via video, touched upon the policies implemented by Turkish state administrators to cover up the massacre at that time. Sinemillioğlu pointed out the importance of organization and reminded that the massacres continue today. Sinemillioğlu greeted the congress by saying that "the only condition to prevent massacres is to ensure our organization."

MARDEF Board member Mehmet Üstek made an assessment of the historical process of the massacre in Maraş. Üstek said: "After the earthquake on 6 February, the state continued its massacres with the wrong and biased policies it implemented in the earthquake region."

Ali Matur and politicians Necdet Atalay and Abdullah Demirbaş spoke on behalf of the Democratic Alevi Federation, and the commemoration continued with speeches drawing attention to the importance of the need for oppressed peoples and beliefs to organize and act together, and the relatives of those who lost their lives in the Maraş Massacre and the witnesses of the period also made speeches.

Following the commemoration, the 2nd Congress of MARDEF was held. After reading the reports describing the previous period's work, the delegates voted the new executive board of MARDEF - Switzerland.