On the frontline for her child

In every turn, the popular resistance in Afrin reveals another human story.

Lamîa Cemal left her 4-year-old at home and headed to the frontline: “When I go to the frontline, I tell my child I am going for our country. She doesn’t understand completely because she is young, but one day she will understand it was for her.”

The resistance against the invasion attempt by the Turkish state and Al Qaeda affiliates from around the world by the people of Afrin continues on day 24. The people and the self defense forces wage the Resistance of the Age against colonialism, and are resolute to not let the invaders through.

In Afrin where the resistance grows by the day, the Rojava Women’s Asayish members are on the frontlines along with YPG and YPJ fighters, and continue to defend their lands despite having many martyrs to date. Rojava Women’s Asayish members in the Mabeta district of Afrin spoke to the ANF and said they would defend their lands, no matter what the cost.

One of the Women’s Asayish members on the frontlines is Lamîa Cemal. Lamîa is the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, who she leaves at home every day to go to the frontline to defend the land. Lamîa Cemal said she joined the Asayish to defend women and added that they will never abandon their lands.

We asked Lamîa if her daughter asks where she goes when she leaves for the frontline, and she said: “And how! Of course she asks, and I explain to her. I say I go for our lands, for our country. I say I go to serve our people. She doesn’t understand completely, because she’s very young, but one day she will understand that this is for her.”

Women’s Asayish member Xalîde Mihemed also said they are defending their lands and added: “We have a philosophy, the philosophy of our Leader. The enemy can’t handle that philosophy and declares war against it. So we defend that philosophy.”

Xalîde said they resist shoulder to shoulder with the YPG and YPJ fighters on the frontline: “We give each other strength and morale. They give us morale, and we give them. Because we are fighting for the same cause.”

The Women’s Asayish member called Dilîşan Omer said they defended their lands to this day, and that they will continue to defend in the future, and added: “Everything we do is for our lands, for our honor.”