SDF launches “Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs”

SDF and the Internal Security Forces announce the launch of large-scale security operations named “Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs” and the formation of a joint operations room backed by International Coalition airpower.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement announcing the launch of “Operation Retaliation” for Raqqa martyrs.

The SDF statement on Wednesday includes the following:

“Last December 26, the city of Raqqa was subjected to a treacherous terrorist attack by ISIS terrorists who tried to take advantage of the recent Turkish attacks and threats against the regions of NE Syria. The terrorist attack resulted in the martyrdom of six of our finest fighters who sacrificed their souls to protect the Raqqa people and their property.

Since ISIS’ defeat in 2017 in Raqqa city, which was considered the capital of the so-called ISIS caliphate, ISIS has desperately tried to remain on the scene using various terrorist means such as blackmailing the populace and carrying out terrorist attacks that threaten the security and stability of the local community and the region, in addition to its alarming regional attempts to reorganize its ranks. Nevertheless, its recent attack in Raqqa and its other foiled potential attacks prove the futility and barbarism of its attempts.

Over the past period and in parallel with Operation al-Jazeera Thunderbolt, the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces have conducted precise and qualitative hunt operations against ISIS cells in the Euphrates region. Those operations and the accompanying investigations revealed the following information: The new ISIS leadership is attempting to reorganize the terrorist cells and appointing new leaders for the cells in the Euphrates region, issuing instructions to move from individual to group terrorist attacks on the prisons containing ISIS detainees, directing the security acts and propaganda against the populace who reject ISIS terrorism, and the need to open corridors between the areas outside SDF control in the Syrian desert southwest of Raqqa and the Suluk area in the occupied Tal Abyad to complementing the plan of the regional attack on the al-Sina’a prison in 2022.

Based on these dangerous facts and in retaliation for our martyrs, our Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces, which have remained vigilant over the past period to degrade the terrorist attacks, announce the launching of large-scale security operations named “Operation Retaliation for Raqqa Martyrs” and the forming of a joint operations room backed by International Coalition airpower, aiming at targeting the terrorist cells and their dangerous operatives, destroying channels of communication between them, uprooting their potential hideouts and drying up the enabling environment, primarily the facilitators and recruitment networks.

The large-scale operations began as planned (today, at 12:00 a.m.). Our forces raided dozens of potential points and hideouts in Raqqa and its countryside (Al-Karama), Tabqa and its countryside, and Sarren and its countryside, resulting in immediate results that will be announced soon in a later statement.

There is no doubt that the elimination of the so-called ISIS capital and its last stronghold by the Syrian Democratic Forces constituted a better opportunity to ensure safety in the Middle East and the world. The recent operations conducted by the Joint Operations Forces in al-Jazeera and Raqqa come in the context of achieving the best local and global security and societal benefits of the victory against ISIS in al-Baghouz. On this basis, the Joint Forces reiterate their resolve to counter any threat to our people and associations.”