Sexual violence perpetrated by occupation forces in Serêkaniyê

Thirty cases of sexual violence against women by the occupation forces in Serêkaniyê have been documented. The number of unreported cases is said to be much higher.

The occupation forces, consisting of the Turkish army, former ISIS and Al-Nusra members, Turkish right-wing extremists and other mercenary groups, exercise a reign of terror in the occupied territories of Northern Syria. In addition to kidnapping, torture, robbery and expulsion, the occupying forces commit rape and other sexual assaults against women. Added to this are child marriages, which were reintroduced with the occupation by the jihadists.

ANHA news agency reports information on thirty sexual attacks by the occupying forces. Accordingly, the victims were five Chechen, two Kurdish and 23 Arab women. The same sources report that women are forced to wear full-face veil.

159 women from Afrin abducted

In the occupied canton of Afrin, too, women are targeted. So far 3,500 civilians have been kidnapped and 850 of them have "disappeared". Among the abducted are 159 women. The abductees are systematically tortured and the women in particular are subjected to sexual violence.