Solidarity message from Galicia to Rojava on March 8

“We will shout for you in our city of Vigo, and we will spread as much as we can the work you have done. We are on this path together.”


The radical feminist organisation ‘As Furias’ from Galicia sent a message of solidarity for the resistance in Rojava on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day.

The message reads as follows:

“Dear comrades:

From Galicia, we want to salute, on the occasion of this 8M, the Women’s Revolution. We are “As Furias” (The Furies), a radical feminist organisation from the city of Vigo. From these lands we follow your work, and we make every effort to give you a voice. In our journey we have carried out events to vindicate your struggle. We deeply admire the society you are building, where it is guaranteed that women have a presence in all spheres; where you have tools to stop patriarchal violence; where projects of different kinds are promoted to guarantee equal opportunities; where you have university studies in Jineolî (women’s science); where you have a firm stance against the exploitation of women’s bodies… You are an example for all of us.

Despite the amount of progress that we celebrate within the Rojava Revolution, we do not forget, and we show our firm condemnation to the continuous attacks that you suffer from the patriarchal forces. We know how the opponents of democratic confederalism have as their main objective to attack the women’s movement, which is the heart and engine of your society.

Just as it happens in those lands, here, the women’s movements also live the experience of the continuous attacks of the patriarchy pretending to devalue our struggle. The patriarchal mentality, camouflaged in the garb of postmodernism, has intoxicated feminism with slavery sold as free choice. In Europe, poor women sell eggs or “rent their wombs”, risking their lives and their health to earn a little money. In the middle of 2024, they still pretend to debate that paid rape can be a job, because leaving our bodies to the will of the patriarchy is freedom. We face chilling figures of violence, as multiple cases of gang rape and femicide have come to light in recent months. We continue to face the intrusion of men into feminism, because of the destruction of the political subject of our struggle, human females. At the labour level, we continue to face enormous disadvantages compared to men. These and many other things lead us to take to the streets this 8M with all our strength.

So, this 8th of March, the women of the Feminist Association, As Furias, are going to take to the streets to shout to the world and above all to the politicians who are to blame for this situation, that we working-class women want dignified lives and not to survive in prostitution, nor selling eggs, nor daughters, and that our women-only spaces have to be safe again.

We will remember you in our speeches as well. We will shout for you in our city of Vigo, and we will spread the work you have done as much as we can. We are on this path together.”