Tevgera Azadî: "We will get rid of the Lausanne Treaty and free Kurdistan"

Tevgera Azadî made a statement at Qandil Newroz and said the "struggle will bring Lausanne to an end. We will liberate Kurdistan."

The celebration of Newroz in Qandil was attended by people from all four parts of Kurdistan.

Tevgera Azadî’s representative, Selam Abdula, read a message underlining the need to get rid of the Treaty of Lausanne by increasing the struggle to liberate Kurdistan.

Abdula continued: “We celebrate the feast of resurrection and life, the feast of freedom and renewal, the feast of the victory of truth.

We celebrate Newroz while our people in Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan are in deep mourning. But Newroz is not just a cultural memory, it is an indicator of struggle. Every Newroz is a new birth. So, let's celebrate Newroz 2023 as a political and national reaction against AKP-MHP fascism and all dictatorship systems."

The speeches were followed by the music of Martyr Serhed Music Group, Maxmur Music Group, Awazên Çiya and Ajwan music groups, as well as artists Luqman Selîm, Firmêsk, Adil Hewramî, Jîna Saqizî and Ehmed Sengawî.