Tevgera Jinên Azad: Together we will continue to resist and fight

Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA) made a statement after the presidential elections, underlining that the legitimacy of the elections was void for them and vowed to "continue to resist and fight."

Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA – Free Women’s Movement) said in a written statement: "Changes are taking place in the Middle East. This critical process is both an opportunity and a risk for women. Believing that participating in this process of change and restructuring in an organized and more effective manner, gives us a historical responsibility for the freedom of women and Kurds. We know that this century offers no promises to women, Kurds and other peoples other than war, poverty and genocide.”

The statement continued: “The Presidential and legislative elections were held in an environment of repression and attack on liberties. As TJA, we took on duties and responsibilities with a great mobilization spirit in the 2023 elections, which we adopted as a tool of struggle for women and Kurds to destroy fascism and build a democratic republic. Together with the women's movement in Turkey, we, the Kurdish women's movement, carried out electoral activities in order to put an end to the misogyny of this fascist male power.”

The statement added: “The women's liberation struggle has once again demonstrated the will of thousands of women. Regardless of the outcome, we were able to stand against neo-fascism, thanks to the will and determination of our people for democracy. This election was not a legitimate election. The government did not win this election under equal, democratic and transparent conditions. As TJA, we will continue to protect the people's will for democracy, to resist and fight for it, and to be the subject of the rebuilding process. Together we will win.”