The founding of the PKK celebrated in Lavrio Camp

The foundation of the PKK 42 years ago was celebrated with demonstrations, events and fireworks across Europe.

The foundation of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê, PKK) 42 years ago was celebrated in dozens of places in Europe on Friday. Due to the pandemic conditions, there were only decentralized activities with a limited number of participants. Demonstrations, rallies and events took place, in some places there were bonfires and fireworks, and in many places the anniversary was advertised with banners and posters. In Germany in particular, the senselessness of criminalizing the Kurdish movement was denounced and the lifting of the PKK ban issued 27 years ago was demanded.

In the Lavrio Camp in Greece, inhabited by a majority of refugee Kurds, an open-air celebration took place. The self-governing camp in the Attica region was decorated with symbols of the Kurdish liberation movement, and many women participated in the celebration in traditional dresses.

The event was opened with a minute's silence for all the martyrs. Afterwards Welat Mêrdîn held a speech in the name of the youth movement TCŞ, in which he called the foundation of the PKK a rebirth of the Kurdish people. Afterwards, there was a quiz with questions about the history of the PKK. The winners received books of Abdullah Öcalan as a prize. A documentary on the development of the Kurdish liberation struggle was also shown. Afterwards, the camp's choir consisting of children and adults, a folklore group and music groups performed. At the end, fireworks were launched and there was a dance around a fire.