The growing struggle of women in Rojava – V

Kongra Star, which is based on the Democratic Confederalism project, carries out a struggle that reaches women all around the world.

Kongra Star organized its activities in many fields, from self-defense to economy through communes and cooperatives.

Kongra Star’ members are also members of the commune. Assemblies are organized in towns, regions and cantons. Kongra Star is based in a democratic society and free women on the basis of women's revolution, women's knowledge and awareness, starting from the family system.

There are different committees, namely the Freedom for Leader Abdullah Öcalan Committee, Free Sovereignty Committee, Self-Defense Forces (Composed of Internal Security Forces-Women, Self-Defense Forces-Women), Disciplinary Committee, Alliances and Democratic Policies Committee, Education and Academy Committee, Social Committee, Political Committee, Law and Justice Committee, Economics Committee, Financial Economy, Culture and Arts Committee, Press Committee, Health Committee and Ecology Committee.

Speaking to ANF, Kongra Star Coordination member, Cîhan Hisên, underlined the difficult journey of the freedom struggle, from militia activities to Yekîtiya Star, from Yekîtiya Star to Kongra Star. Hisên said: “Before 2016, there was a woman's legacy stretching from Damascus to Dêrîk. Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] laid the foundation of this legacy in terms of social, political and education. Yekîtiya Star was founded in 2005, based on the experience of the 80s. From 2005 to 2016, the discussion about how to establish the system and how to organize after the revolution was deep and inspiring. As the result of this discussion, Kongra Star was established.

Organization through the family

Cîhan Hisên noted that after the establishment of Kongra Star, they primarily trained families, children and young people through women in order to raise awareness and added: “On this basis, it was one of our main goals to organize through the family. Thus, it organized itself in society and worked within society and the revolution.”

YPJ is part of this system

Cîhan Hisên said: “If an organization wants to develop in terms of politics and diplomacy, the defense mechanism si definitely a priority. We responded to this with the establishment of the YPJ.”

New economic projects

Kongra Star organizes itself according to Democratic Confederalism. Cîhan Hisên that this means the YPJ on one side and the economy on the other, and added: “Kongra Star has led the way across the North East Syria Region in terms of economy. In many provinces, districts and villages, livelihood projects were carried out for women. Another of our goals is to create new economic projects in NorthEast Syria and so reach tens of thousands of women.”

The efforts of the Education Committee

Hisên continued: “Our Education Committee worked hard to raise awareness among Kurdish, Arab, Armenian, Assyrian and Circassian women and to spread the science of women, and valuable results were achieved. Our education system was also beneficial for women. Our education system is effective in changing the patriarchal mentality and creating a democratic family. With this education system, we also emptied the targets set by the enemy.”

North East Syrian Womens Assembly

Cîhan Hisên said that the North East Syrian Women’s Assembly was established after the birth of Kongra Star and added that “such an assembly was needed in order to gather all parties, institutions, organizations and nations under one roof. The announcement of the North East Syria Women's Assembly was actually one of the targets set by Kongra Star.”

Hisên said that they have representatives in some European countries, as well as in Lebanon, Bashur Kurdistan and Damascus. “Our goal is to reach the whole world. As Kongra Star, we did not only reach Kurdish women. Kongra Star organizes through the Democratic Confederalism project and sets goals and projects involving other components. As Kongra Star and Kurdish women, we led Armenian, Syriac, Arab and Circassian women. This system has had great effects on other societies. Our model will appeal to all nations. Beyond that, we need to work harder for a more effective, permanent and organized system.”