Van airport executive promoted despite sexual harassment charge

Yaşar Saydut was detained with allegations of harassment and sexual assault when he was airport executive in Hakkari and now has been appointed to Van DHMI Directorate.

Yaşar Saydut, whose name was involved in a case of harassment and rape in Gever, was appointed to Van State Airports Authority (DHMI) Directorate in Van.

Airport Manager Yaşar Saydut, who verbally threatened and physically assaulted 3 women working as a security guard at Selahaddin Eyyubi Airport in the Gever district of Hakkari, was detained on 28 July 2016 after a recording of his voice appeared.

Saydut, who was released pending trial, and finally the recording was confirmed to belong to him.

Saydut, who was detained and did not work for 3.5 years, returned to his position last week and was appointed to the Van State Airports Authority (DHMI) Directorate.