Where is Çiçek Kobanê?

Women in Kobanê drew attention to the fate of Çiçek Kobanê. The YPJ fighter was injured and fell into the hands of Erdoğan’s mercenary groups in Northern Syria and her whereabouts are unknown.

At a rally in Kobanê, the women's umbrella organisation Kongreya Star drew attention to the capture of Çiçek Kobanê by Islamists in northern Syria. The YPJ fighter is believed to have been captured wounded by the jihadist militia Ahrar al-Sham/Battalion Darat Izza in the village Mishrefa near Ain Issa on 21 October. The Darat Izza group is participating in the illegal invasion of Rojava alongside NATO partner Turkey and its so-called "Syrian National Army". Photos and videos of the capture of Çiçek Kobanê have appeared on social networks, in which the gangs announced the execution of the fighter.

At the rally in Kobanê it was pointed out that the invasion of northern Syria, which was motivated by "Turkish security concerns", was intended to destroy the women's revolution: "The YPJ have become the symbol of the women's struggle in the 21st century. They stand for the defense of all women and mount also today a legendary resistance against the Turkish army and its gangs. The Turkish invasion has revived the ISIS in Northern and Eastern Syria. Our friend Çiçek was captured by mercenaries during this invasion. She comes from Kobanê and has defended her country on the front line. Her life is in great danger. We call on the international community not to remain silent about the dirty actions of the Turkish state."