YPJ calls for action for a fighter captured alive by the invaders

Silence is to be complicit in acts against all of humanity, said the YPJ and called on all women and human rights organisations to raise their voices against these brutal mercenaries employed by the Turkish state.

The General Command of Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) released a statement on a YPJ fighter who was captured by the occupation forces in a wounded state.

YPJ said that the jihadist gangs of the occupying Turkish state forces attacked the village of Mishrefa in the area of Ain Issa at 9pm on the evening of the 21st of October, adding: “There was a fierce struggle between our forces and the jihadist gangs. Our comrade Çîçek Kobanê was wounded in the leg and fell into the hands of Erdogan’s jihadists.”

The statement said that:

 “Our comrade Çîçek was born in Kobane. As a young woman she took her place defending her land and people in the war against ISIS. In the current resistance, as the people of North and East Syria are defending their honour, she defended the dignity and very existence of her people. On the front lines of Ain Issa she took her place in the resistance. A ceasefire was declared, but the occupying Turkish state and their allied jihadist gangs did not stop their attacks, not abiding by any moral code or international law. In the face of these murderous acts, comrade Çîçek explained her decision with these words: “We will not allow these gangs to occupy our villages and towns and destroy our dignity.”

In the same manner as ISIS, the Turkish state’s allied gangs are attacking the very existence of women. This brutal attack on a young woman and her defence of her land is an attack on all women. By spreading videos like the one of comrade Çîçek they want to disguise their setbacks and weaknesses in the face of our resistance. The defilement of our comrade Çîçek symbolises their attitude to all women, in particular women of North and East Syria.

Our injured comrade has fallen into the hands of the Turkish state’s jihadist allies. Her life is in the great danger. We say to the whole world, the life of this young woman is under the biggest threat. This is obvious from the brutal videos which have been spread by the jihadist gangs completely openly before the eyes of the world. These disgusting acts are a result of the political agreements between the American, Russian and Turkish states.”

On this basis, YPJ called for immediate intervention from the international community and called out to all women and human rights organisations internationally to raise their voices against these brutal mercenaries employed by the Turkish state.

“To stay silent in the face of these immoral acts is to be complicit in acts against all of humanity. In the face of these attempts to break the spirit of women, all women must stand up and be a unified voice”, added the statement.