Women fill the squares in North and East Syria

In northern and eastern Syria, women took to the streets to celebrate International Working Women's Day.

In northern and eastern Syria, women took to the streets to celebrate International Working Women's Day.


Women in Manbij were called to step up their struggle. Speaking at the demo, Manbij Women's Spokesperson Ibtisam Abdulkadir commended women on 8 March.

Ezab Ebud, member of the Syrian Future Party, stated that all the women fighting for freedom and justice will remember the struggle of martyr Hevrin Xelef.


After reading the perspective of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan at the celebrations in Shehba, Neriman Hisên, executive of Shehba Free Women's Union, addressed the crowd.

Hisên said: "The fire of women lit up the world and will never go out. Women's resistance has not been easy. Women are still exposed to violence and massacres. March 8 is the most important stage in women's struggle in this sense."

Zelûx Reşîd, member of Kongra Star Shehba Coordination, read the message of North and East Syrian women on behalf of Kongra Star.

The celebration continued with the music by groups belonging to Women's Culture and Arts Movement Kevana Zêrîn.


"Our achievements will be passed on to the new generations" was the message of North and East Syrian women read at the celebrations in the Tirbespiyê district of Qamishlo Canton.

In the village of Mizgeftê in Tirbespiyê, the 8 March message of Northern and Eastern Syrian women was read. The message, which was read throughout the North and East Syria, said: "As North and East Syrian women, we are proud of the gains we have achieved in all areas with the heroic epics we have written. History has witnessed the struggle of the YPJ. All our achievements and the fight against the ISIS terrorist organization will be passed on to new generations as a legacy. Women in the 21st century are fighting so that their daughters will have no obstacles in front on them."


Henan Hospital in the neighborhood of Eşrefiyê was the area where women from both Şêxmeqsûd and Eşrefiyê celebrated 8 March.

Women who joined the celebration with their national clothes carried YPJ flags and chanted slogans.

The celebrations included the reading of Öcalan's perspectives after which Kongra Star Coordination Member, Hediye Yûsif addressed the crowd: "Women who carried out the North and East Syria revolution and sacrificed their lives in order to save humanity from darkness and slavery, have become a symbol for women all over the world."


Women in Hesekê bagen celebrations for 8 March by singing the Kurdish national anthem "O Reqîb".

The celebration continued with cultural and art events in Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac celebrations continue with various cultural arts events.


At the 8 March event in Raqqa, after the reading of Öcalan's perspectives on women's struggle, speeches were made by Tabqa Woman executive Member Zehra Hemada.

Haliye El Kecwan, from the Raqqa and Tabqa Administration, Syrian Future Party Member Intisar Davud, Foza Mihemed on behalf of the martyrs' families, Emira Ibrahim on behalf of the Young Women's Union and Hafin Ereb from the YPJ commanders addressed the crowd.


Hundreds of women came together in the Yedi Kilo Area of ​​Dêir ez-Zor to celebrate 8 March. Members of the Administration, the SDF and the Internal Forces addressed the crowd.