Women in North East Syria protest Turkish attacks

Demonstrations continue in Rojava, Kurdistan and all around the world against the Turkish state's genocidal war on the Kurdish people in various parts of their land, Kurdistan.

Women took to the streets in many cities of North East Syria to protest the killing of women in the village of Helîncê in Kobanê.

Several demonstrations took place in North East Syria to protest the Turkish attacks and the killing of women.


The statement made by the Manbij Women's Council was read by the Council’s spokesperson, Ibtisam Abdulkadir.

Abdulkadir said that women who continue to resist persecution have achieved great gains, and that the invading Turkish state continues its attacks in order to eliminate these gains. The statement also pointed out that the Turkish state attacks targeting the will of women are in fact attacks against humanity.


The Syria Democratic CouncilMSD Aleppo Women's Office made a press release with dozens of institutions and party representatives to protest the Turkish state's attacks.

The statement reminded that the last attack was yet another evidence of the fact that the Turkish state is committing crimes against all components, especially women.


Women in Kobanê also took to the streets to protest the Turkish state's attacks on Medya Defense Areas, Shengal and Maxmur Camp. Autonomous Administration co-chairs, institution representatives and political party members joined the action. Speaking there, Fırat Region Coordination member, Rewşen Hacim, said that all Kurds should react to the Turkish state.


Zuher Hesen, member of the Raqqa Civil Society Organizations executive member said: "We strongly condemn the Turkish state's attacks on North and East Syria and the martyrdom of 3 women in Kobanê."