Bakırhan: Resistance and solidarity won in Van

DEM Party co-chair Tuncer Bakırhan said that resistance and solidarity gained in Van and that “86 million people had an alliance in supporting the Van resistance. With the same resistance and solidarity, we will thwart the usurpations in other provinces."

The Kurdish people were devastated when the government and the judiciary attempted to usurp the certificate of election of Abdullah Zeydan, the candidate of the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), who won the Van Metropolitan Municipality co-mayorship with a large vote difference in the local elections.

Just like happened with Hatip Dicle, the Kurdish people stood up against the usurpation of will in the Van (Wan) elections and defeated the conspiracy with the resistance. They built city by city, borough by borough, street by street.

Speaking to ANF, DEM Party co-chair Tuncer Bakırhan said that resistance, struggle and solidarity gained in Van and noted that this unity guides the attitude that should be taken in similar unlawfulness. Bakırhan emphasized that the struggle and objections continue for Bidlîs, Şirnex, Qers and other municipalities that are wanted to be usurped.

86 million people support the resistance in Van

Tuncer Bakırhan underlined that with the resistance of the Kurdish people against the usurpation of will in the Van elections, they both responded to the trustee mentality and frustrated the games they wanted to play from now on. Noting that it is important for the people of Turkey and the public to support the resisting Van people in this process, Bakırhan added that this solidarity will set an example of the reaction that should be shown against injustice and lawlessness in the future.

He said that for the first time after 1980, peoples, beliefs and political parties formed an alliance in the struggle for rights, adding: "In fact, 86 million people had an alliance in supporting the resistance in Van. Yes, the Kurdish people resisted and did not give in, but there was great support from the public outside. This was a hope that clearly showed that when we act together, we can win. If such an alliance continues and the same reflex is shown against similar unlawfulness in the coming period, good days will await us. Van's example is also a sign that an important stage has been passed, and a door has opened."

Our struggle and objections continue

Pointing out that the struggle continues, Bakırhan said that the Kurdish people are standing against the usurpation of their will in Bitlis and Sirnak, where dozens of soldiers and police were brought in to vote. “Our struggle and objections continue,” said Bakırhan, adding that "the people are resisting in these three provinces. With resistance and solidarity, we will thwart the usurpations in other provinces."

People direct and pave the way for politics

Bakırhan noted that at this point, no matter what illegality is carried out, the fact that the local election results indicate the beginning of the collapse of the AKP cannot be covered up. Stating that the people of Turkey have given the message to stop this trend, Bakırhan said: "The oppressed, workers and laborers do not want to live like this anymore. By expressing its own will in these local elections, it gave the message that a democratic Turkey can be created with good politics and opposition. In this sense, the success of this election is the success of the people, not the parties. While saying no to this situation, the people also said that we can create good things together. I think everyone should get their share of the message from here. We have entered a process where the people direct politics, become actors and lead the way."