Co-mayor of Iğdır: We will thank the people with service

Iğdır Municipality Co-Mayor Necla Kum stated that the people embraced their will at any cost and stressed that they would thank the people with service.

Necla Kum of the DEM Party, who was elected co-mayor in Iğdır province in the 31 March elections against the joint candidate nominated by the AKP and MHP, said that the high morale and motivation of the people opened the door to success. 

Evaluating the election results for ANF, Necla Kum stated that the price the people paid, the endeavor they did, the national consciousness they gained and the political level they reached in the 40-year history of political struggle brought them to involve themselves in the election process. Necla Kum said that the door to success was opened with this high morale and motivation and added: "After the elections, the people showed to their enemies how they protected their gains with great faith, courage and will."

Recalling that the AKP unlawfully seized all the municipalities won by the Kurdish people in the 2014 and 2019 local elections and appointed trustees, Necla Kum continued: "The trustee policies did not produce the result they wanted. On the contrary, the trustee policy caused the AKP to lose. The state's antidemocratic practices based on violence and usurpation of rights have failed in Kurdish cities. Most importantly, it caused a strong will and national consciousness to rise in the Kurdish people."

Necla Kum emphasised that they will be with the people with their projects, that they will stick to all the promises they made during the election process and that they will thank the people with service.