DEM Party Co-Chair: Kars, Bitlis and Şırnak are ours regardless of the result!

According to DEM Party, 46.901 soldiers and policemen were transported to the Kurdish region to vote in yesterday’s local elections. The party lost at least 12 municipalities due to the heavily transported military and police votes.

The Co-Chair of the Peoples’ Equality and Democracy Party, Tuncer Bakırhan commented on the election results in Şırnak, Bitlis and Kars, drawing attention to the rigging and calling for respect for the will of the people.

Bakırhan addressed the people of Şırnak, Bitlis and Kars on his social media account, saying the following:

"Dear people of Şırnak, Bitlis and Kars,

Dear companions,

With illegal voters, they want to usurp the municipalities that you won with great labour and struggle. We are always proud of you, the people of Şırnak, the face of our struggle, regardless of the result. It is the resilient city of Şırnak that won against 6541 illegal voters in Şırnak. The people of Şırnak claimed their will. No one should be fooled by official lies. We will not allow our city to be usurped with the votes of those who cannot even answer us when we ask, "Where are you from?". The question "Where are you from?" is a slap on the colonialist understanding. Every record is being analysed one by one, the people of Şırnak have won. I send my greetings and love to the people of Şırnak who have been standing up since yesterday. Her biji Şirnex (Long Live Şırnak).

We won a great victory in Bitlis, the heart of justice, wisdom and culture. Illegal voter fraud and the cancellation of our votes is a coup against the will of the people. We reject this coup. Our legal objections continue, and we will never leave Bitlis to the usurpers of the will.

And Kars. Those who think that they have won with 3.842 illegal voters have been condemned and defeated in the conscience of the people of Kars. Leaving aside the illegal voters who are not voters of Kars, we have won with 1386 votes. Kars is ours, regardless of the result. No one can impose defeat on us. We continue our legal and political struggle.

We have made great efforts; we have sweat, memory and a tradition of struggle in these cities. I congratulate each and every one of our friends on their victory.

We call on the democratic public opinion and the opposition to protect the will of the people, which is intended to be usurped by illegal voters.

Let us state clearly; the governments that think they won with illegal voters in dozens of cities, especially in Şırnak, Bitlis and Kars, are not legitimate. We invite everyone to respect the will of the people!"