Actions for Hasankeyf multiply

Several actions have been organised as part of the campaign 'It's not too late to save Hasankeyf'.

As part of the actions leading to the 'Big Jump' in Hasankeyf on 14 July, artists and activists have been promoting activities all over Europe and Turkey.

Europa Nostra published a statement at the end of its meeting in Athens. 

The document said: "Despite the significant degradation of individual monuments, including the Citadel mount, Europa Nostra recalls that Hasankeyf and its surroundings still form one of the most important archaeological and architectural sites in Europe, boasting rich biodiversity and 12,000 years of human history. The Neolithic mound at Hasankeyf, now only partially excavated, is the site of one of the earliest organized human settlements discovered anywhere. For all these reasons, Europa Nostra reiterates its belief that it is incumbent not only on Turkey but on the entire international community to ensure that this treasure is safeguarded."

Europa Nostra deplores the fact that over the course of two years, Turkish authorities have removed Hasankeyf’s most invaluable, symbolic and visually striking architectural elements. These actions, said the statement "have significantly altered the historic landscape and caused irreparable damage to individual monuments of Hasankeyf."

Action at the Museum of Louvre

An Hasankeyf Action has been organised at the Louvre Museum. Four artists belonging to a group called “Compagnie bien a vous Armanc Kerborani”, Juan-Golan Elibeg, Thomas Lamouroux, Zehra Dogan and Aurélie Gerardin, organised a performance to call on people to do whatever they can to help Hasankeyf.

Artists for Hasankeyf

Over twenty singers and bands performed for Hasankeyf in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.