Artist Emel Çiftçi acquitted

Artist Emel Çiftçi was acquitted in the case where she was tried for “membership in a terrorist organization” and “leadership of a terrorist organization”. Suffering from cancer, Çiftçi was unable to attend the trial.

The trial of the artist Emel Çiftçi, was prosecuted for “membership in a terrorist organization” and “leadership of a terrorist organization” as part of the investigation launched by the Ankara General Prosecutor’s Office.

Emel Çiftçi was arrested in August 2023 when she went to Diyarbakir hospital for treatment related to her cancer. She was released in January 2024.

Çiftçi's music is deeply rooted in Kurdish culture. The Mezopotamya Cultural Center said Çiftçi represents “the free identity of Kurdish women in art and has made great efforts for the development of Kurdish art.”

Artists who perform Kurdish music in Turkey are often arrested and sent to prison, particularly during periods of increased repression. One of the most prominent imprisoned Kurdish musicians is Nûdem Durak, whose release has been called for around the world.