Culture Week kicks off in Dirbesiye

The Culture Week, promoted by Hîlala Zêrîn Dirbesiye Culture and Art Center Coordination and the Cizîre Region, kicked off in Dirbesiye.

Residents of Dirbesiye region were waiting for the Culture Week promoted by the Cizîre Region Hîlala Zêrîn Dirbesiye Culture and Art Center Coordination.

The first day of the culture week in the district started with the presentation of Kurdish-Arabic books, paintings, folk instruments and Kurdish folk costumes.

Dirbêsiye Culture and Art Center co-chair and member of the Preparatory Committee, Salman İbrahim, told ANHA about the goals and plans of the event and said that the purpose of organizing the culture week is to revive the culture and folklore of the region.

Ibrahim said: "Activities will also be held in the towns of Qermani and El-Sîkir in Dirbesiye district. Artworks will be exhibited, Kurdish folk costumes and many Kurdish and Arabic books will be presented. These books will be distributed to readers for free."

The documentary Nujiyan was screened at Dirbesiye Culture and Art Center in coordination with Tevgera Hîlala Zêrîn and the District Culture and Art Center. The residents of the district, mostly young people, attended the screening.

The director of the documentary, Jinda Asmen, said: "Nujiyan has spent his life uncovering the truth. The aim of the film is to introduce the life and struggle of journalist Nujiyan."