DKP/BÖG: Comrades Altunöz and Aydın fell martyrs

DKP / BÖG announced that its Central Committee and founding members Göze Altunöz and member Yasin Aydın fell martyr in Rojava.

In a written statement today, the Revolutionary Communars Party / United Freedom Forces (DKP / BÖG) announced that one of its executives, Göze Altunöz, and one of its fighters, Yasin Aydın, have fallen martyr.

The statement said: "Revolutionary Communars Party / United Freedom Forces Central Committee and founding member Göze Altunöz (Aynur Ada) and our fighter Yasin Aydin (Imran Firtina) have fallen martyr during the resistance against the Turkish state invasion of the territory of Rojava."

The statement added: "Our comrades, who have been on the front lines from the first day against the invasion attacks carried out by Turkish colonialism and its occupation of Rojava within the Battalion of International Freedom, have become the seed of freedom as they have become immortal. They did not give way to occupation, fascism, colonialism and imperialism.

Comrade Aynur was a founding member of our Party and Women's Union of Women's Communes / Women's Freedom Force. She had been a militant revolutionary and women's liberation fighter from high school to Gezi barricades."

Imran had been involved in revolutionary struggle in the cities of Turkey before becoming immortal in Rojava."

DKP / BÖG disclosed the identity of the martyrs as follows:

"Name / Surname: Göze Altunöz
Party Name: Aynur Ada
Place of Birth: Edirne
Date of Birth: 31.05.1994
Place of Martyrdom: Til Temir
Date of martyrdom: 6.11.2019


Name / Surname: Yasin Aydın
Party Name: Imran Firtina
Place of Birth: Erzurum
Date of Birth: 15.07.1995
Place of Martyrdom: Til Temir
Date of Martyrdom: 6.11.2019. "