Grup Yorum: Accept Ibrahim's demands

Grup Yorum said that its member, Ibrahim Gökçek, who is on the 320th day of death fast, is in a very serious condition and asked their "demands to be accepted".

Grup Yorum has issued a call for its member Ibrahim Gökçek, through its social media accounts.

Gökçek is on the 320th day of death fast and his condition is getting worse. The band called for its demand to be accepted as soon as possible.

Reminding that another young member of the band, Helin Bölek, died after 228 days on death fast, Grup Yorum said: "Continuing the ban on our concerts means not only ban us but the whole society. We gave a concert for millions in Bakırköy Square. We all sang our popular songs. We are the artists of the people. For us, being forced to stay away from the people means death. We do not accept these bans."

'Accept our demands'

The statement also reminded Ibrahim Gökçek's words: "I will not end the resistance without a concrete result. An artist has been immortal for this purpose. One more artist will give his life for these demands to be accepted."

Grup Yorum said: "Don't allow another death! Accept the demands of Ibrahim! Remove the prohibition of concerts. Release our members who have been unjustly arrested."