Hîlala Zêrin in Kobanê pays tribute Martyr Mizgîn

Hîlala Zêrin Cultural Movement in Kobanê commemorated Martyr Mizgîn (Gurbet Aydın) with an art exhibition they organized with the slogan "Art is renewed with the voice of Mizgîn".

A special event was held at the Hîlala Zêrin Cultural Movement's headquarters in Kobanê to commemorate Martyr Mizgîn (Gurbet Aydın).

Fatme Xelîl paid tribute to the martyrs of the freedom struggle and said: “Martyr Mizgîn was not only an artist, but also a revolutionary who fought for her people. She raised the voice of women with her struggle.”

An art exhibition with the slogan "Art is renewed with the voice of Mizgîn" was organized for the event.

Participants danced accompanied by revolutionary and traditional songs performed by the music group affiliated with the movement.

Hozan Mizgin

Martyr Mizgîn was born in 1962 in Batman.

Hozan Mizgîn joined the freedom struggle in 1980. After carrying out revolutionary activities in the north of the country for a while, she moved to Europe in 1982 for cultural and artistic studies. She worked a lot with Martyr Sefqan there. We continue to work on this legacy to this day. Heval Mizgîn, who stayed in the leadership area for a while, went to the mountains of Northern Kurdistan in 1991. Despite all the difficult conditions in the area of Garzan field, she carried out her duty very successfully.

 She fell a martyr in Tatvan, in the province of Bitlis on 11 May 1992.