Hozan Diyar calls on Kurdish people and artists to reject the KDP betrayal

Hozan Diyar addressed the entire Kurdish people, and Kurdish artists and intellectuals in particular, asking them not to let anyone play with their destiny.

Reactions to the war waged in Kurdistan with the cooperation between the Turkish state and KDP continue. Hozan Diyar pointed out that the KDP was on the line of betrayal and called on everyone to "take a stand".

Addressing the people of Bashur in particular, Hozan Diyar said: "We are going through a historical period. There is such a danger that, as in the last century, the enemies of our people will play with their fate, make us their slaves, disintegrate Kurdistan. They want to make us live like slaves."

'Everyone should take a stance against attacks'

Hozan Diyar warned about the danger of the attacks and said: "As a patriot and an artist of the Kurdish people, I see a great danger and I want to draw attention to this danger. We are artists. We want to appear before our people with our art, but the political situation in Kurdistan and the practices carried out by the Turkish state with its collaborators in Kurdistan, means that every conscientious patriot, every artist, every intellectual should show his attitude towards this situation and fulfil his duties."

'They want to destroy Kurdistan's gains'

Hozan Diyar said: "The Turkish state, with its army, MIT and agents, wants to exterminate the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan and destroy our gains all over Kurdistan. This has been the main aim of the Turkish state for a hundred years. We know our enemy well. The Turkish state established dozens of military headquarters and occupied South Kurdistan."

Hozan Diyar added: "South Kurdistan has become a province of the Turkish state. This is a shame for us, the Kurdish people. Unfortunately, the lands of South Kurdistan, which were liberated with the blood of thousands of martyrs under the oppression of Saddam's army, are being laid under the feet of the Turkish state's army like a cake. This is a great shame for us."

'KDP should give up its treason line'

Pointing out that the KDP is in partnership with Kurdish enemies, Hozan Diyar added that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are the target. "This line of betrayal must be abandoned. I would like to express it by another name, but betrayal is betrayal. No other name is possible. I appeal to Kurdish artists, especially Bashur artists and intellectuals, to the Kurdistan peshmerga; the line of treason carried out in the lands of Kurdistan is carried out in your name. You shouldn't allow this. We can stop betrayal. As the proverb goes, 'Ew fîrawin bin hûn paşîv in' (if they are lunch, you are dinner) for the enemy. This is the routine of the enemies of the Kurdish people and they have always practiced this throughout history."

Hozan Diyar continued: "What is the difference between Erdogan and Saddam? What is the difference between Hakan Fidan and Chemical Ali, who bombed Halabja with chemical gas? KDP officials, who welcomed them with open arms, should think. This is a shame!

Even if they do not support the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, they should not allow these attacks. They are playing with the fate of our people. Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas sacrifice themselves so that we can live honorably. They are our brothers, our cousins, our sisters. How can you open space with diggers and bulldozers, and provide logistical support to the Turkish state so that they can come and massacre our people in front of our eyes? This is unacceptable. This is called betrayal.

This war is between the Kurdish people and the Kurdish enemies. It is a war between the guerrillas and the Turkish state. There is no middle ground. Calling this 'birakuji' means directly or indirectly participating in treason."

Hozan Diyar made the following call: "As a patriotic artist, I call out to every artist and every intellectual: Raise your voice. We can only stop, limit and neutralize this historical betrayal with a patriotic, united attitude. We should not allow anyone to play with our destiny. We have this power. We can prevent betrayal. Long live Kurdistan! Long live the honorable and resistant Kurds!"