Intense interest in 'Şengal-Heza Jinê' theater play in Zurich

The Volksbühne Basel Theater Group's piece 'Şengal -Hêza Jinê' drew great interest in Zurich.

The Volksbühne Basel Theater Group staged a play about the ISIS atrocity in Şengal and the events that followed the liberation of the Yazidi settlement in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Süleyman Çarnewa, Sosin Sevsen, and Metin Yılmaz composed the music for the play, which was directed by Anina Jendreyko. The play, for which tickets had long been sold out, was staged full house.

The play combines music and images of Şengal to tell the story of how life has changed in Şengal, particularly for Yazidi women, since ISIS was defeated. The stage design and music were also very well-matched. The artists’ performance was cheered for a long time by the crowd, who watched the play on the stairs as there were no seats available.

The play's writer and director, Anina Jendreyko, said, "The corridor opening from Rojava to Şengal during the massacre in Şengal is really essential. However, most Europeans are unaware of this. We wanted to explain the significance of this passageway and how life has transformed there again with this production."

The front row of the Fabriktheater, where the screening was held, was full even before the play began. It was notable that the audience was mostly made up of young women.

Following the performance, Director Anna Jendreyko and the actors gave interviews.

The play will be staged at "Kulturzentrum Franz. K" in Reutlingen, Germany on May 10 and at "Kunstmeseum Bochum" in Bochum on May 13.