Issue 11 of Lêgerîn Magazine published

The 11th issue of Lêgerîn Magazine is now available.

The 11th issue of the international Lêgerîn Magazine is now available to download.

The editorial for the 11th issue is as follows:

"We have been closely observing how, over the past few years, popular uprisings have unfolded one after another led by women, youth and indigenous peoples. They have sent a clear message: The hope that another world is possible is far from over. On the contrary, it is more alive than ever. However, the outcomes of these uprisings and heroic resistances are at the risk of being co-opted, assimilated or outright crushed by various strategies of the Capitalism Modernity system. This is how we can understand the rise of religious fanaticism, chauvinistic nationalism, militarization of society, and the diverse strategies of genocide being carried out by the most conservative sectors of each society.

On the other hand, it has also been a historic moment in which it becomes increasingly clear that the social democratic governments established after many of these popular revolts lack both the capacity and the intention to generate the fundamental and systematic change that the people and youth of the world need. On the contrary, we see how one after another these progressive governments serve the interests of a large commercial monopoly and wage war against autonomy of the people.

In the face of this situation, we find ourselves with the urgent task of uniting forces and perspectives. Therefore, in this issue of the magazine, you will find our proposals of Apoism as a philosophy and way of life of freedom, and World Youth Confederalism as a framework of reference to better understanding how to build our own alternative autonomous system. A system of the youth, the people’s, women and ultimately, of freedom."

The index for the 11th issue is as follows: 

  • How to Live? What to do? Where to start? – Abdullah Ocalan
  • Internationalist Perspective – Şoreş Ronahî
  • Guides for the Rebirth of Beauty in Lıfe
  • The Internationalist Apoist Fights for the Liberation of Humanity – Tekoşîn Sîdar
  • The True Meaning of Youth – Çekdar Catrillanca
  • The Internal War against Liberalism – Minut Tourinya
  • Retomada Aty Jovem: The Grand Assembly of the Guarani and Kaiowa Youth – Bahoz Shavaro
  • Communality and Organization are the solutions to our problems – Jêhat Gabar
  • Women Liberation Ideology: Building the Revolution – Nora Merino, Jineolojî Center
  • Remembering Şehîd Dilsoz Bahar
  • Conspire against the non-sense! – Rozerin Harûn
  • What Happened in History?
  • Song: The Warli Revolt – Swadesi ft. Prakash