Kurdish film "Ji bo Azadiyê" screened in Mexico City

The collective "Cine Nómada" has screened in Mexico City the film "Ji bo Azadiyê" about the resistance for self-government in Sur. Solidarity was expressed to the Kurdish people in the face of the Turkish war of aggression.

On 30 April, the film Ji Bo Azadiyê (The End Will Be Spectacular), directed by Ersin Çelik and produced by the Rojava Film Commune in 2019, was screened for the first time in Mexico City. This relevant feature film commemorates the 100 days of resistance of the Kurdish people of Amed (Diyarbakır) against the military attack of the Turkish state, which declared war on the brave people of this historic region of Kurdistan.

The event in Mexico's capital took place at the initiative of the Cine Nómada collective and in the premises of the Volcana Lugar Común bookshop, which is also an important social centre, in solidarity with the Kurdish people who are currently resisting a new offensive of Turkish fascism. Since April 17, Turkey has been carrying out a new war of aggression against Southern Kurdistan. Parallel to this invasion, attacks on the autonomous areas of northern and eastern Syria - also known as Rojava - are also intensifying.

After the screening, a discussion took place where the audience expressed their impressions and comments in support of the Kurdish liberation movement and asked questions to learn more about the context of the film. As part of the solidarity action, they sent an emotional message of support to the Kurdish people and called for an end to the Turkish regime's attacks on the people of Kurdistan.

Moreover, the newly founded project Academy of Democratic Modernity was presented, which published its Spanish internet presence today. In the following days, further events on Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm of Democratic Modernity and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement will take place in the framework of the World Social Forum, which will be held in Mexico this year.