Kurdish Film Week in Frankfurt to kick off tomorrow

A "Kurdish Film Week" will take place in the Filmforum Höchst in Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the Amara Women's Council and the Kurdish Society Center from 12 to 18 January.

The Kurdish Women's Council Amara and the Kurdish Society Center (NCK), in collaboration with the Filmforum Höchst in Frankfurt am Main is presenting a "Kurdish Film Week" which will offer insights into filmmaking in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish Film Days will be held from 12 to 18 January and will start with the new film "Kobanê" by the Rojava Film Community. The film tells the story of Kobanê's resistance against the Islamic State, which surrounded the city from all sides in September 2014. Kobanê has become a symbol of hope around the world.

For 135 days, street by street and house by house, the People and Women’s Defence Units fought bitterly. On 26 January 2015, the liberation of the city was announced.

Director Özlem Yaşar and screenwriter Medya Doz met with hundreds of witnesses and fighters to write the film. The cast of the film "Kobanê" consists mainly of fighters from the YPG and YPJ Defense Units who took part in the liberation of the city. For example, Awar Ali, one of the main actors who plays the fighter Gelhat, as some members of Abu Leyla's Shams Al-Shamal Brigade. Secondary characters such as the mothers who cooked food for the front, teams from the military emergency medicine or those who dug graves for the dead are also practically playing themselves.

However, not only works from the Rojava Film Community will be shown, but also “The Exam” by Shawkat Amin Korki, “Neighbors” by Mano Khalil and “Hêza” by Derya Deniz will be on the program.

At the opening there will be a reception with çay, cake and pastries, tomorrow, 12 January in the Filmforum Höchst.