Kurdish Language Day events in Qamishlo, Shehba and Chilaxa

Kurdish Language Day on 15 May was celebrated with various events in Qamishlo, Shehba and Chilaxa in North-East Syria.

On the occasion of 15 May Kurdish Language Day, the Kurdish Language Association (SZK) and Rojava University in Qamishlo organised a panel discussion under the slogan "The language of a people is its existence and dignity". The event was held in the conference hall of Rojava University. University students, SZK members, Autonomous Administration representatives and many guests attended the panel. Researcher Deham Ebdulfetah, who made the opening speech of the event, celebrated the Kurdish Language Day for all participants and emphasised the importance of language.

Following the speeches, poet Beşir Mele Newaf and students of the Department of Kurdish Literature presented a painting depicting the life of the famous Kurdish poet Feqiyê Teyran. Artistic performances and literary presentations were highly appreciated by the participants.

In Shehba, the Education Committee organised a celebration in Berxwedan Camp in Fafin town.

Hundreds of teachers, students and refugees from Afrin also attended the event. During the celebration, Cudi Mistefa, member of the Afrin Canton Council of Martyrs' Families and Shehba Education Committee, made a speech, celebrating the Kurdish Language Day and emphasising the importance of education in the language of each nation.

In his speech, Fadıl Çawiş, Co-Chair of the Education Committee of Afrin and Shehba Canton, stated that the identity of the Kurdish people was preserved through the Kurdish language and added: "This existence was preserved thanks to the philosophy of Leader Abdullah Öcalan. We must always protect the Kurdish language."

The event continued with the performances of Şehit Viyan Amara, Serdem Şehit Şaha and Şehit Îlan groups and ended with traditional Kurdish dance.