Kurdish Theatre Workshop kicks off in Basel

The Basel Med Cultural Centre is preparing to introduce a Kurdish theatre workshop.

The Basel Med Cultural Centre, which operates within the Swiss Kurdish Culture-Art Movement, is preparing to introduce a Kurdish theatre workshop.

Cinema and theatre director Giyasettin Şehir will provide training at the Theatre Workshop. Registration for the workshop, which started on April 25, will continue until May 15.

The Theatre Workshop will start its activities in early June after the registration is complete.

Calling for the protection of the Kurdish culture and art, Giyasettin Şehir stressed that the Turkish state was increasing oppression and intolerance towards art, artists and the Kurdish language.

Şehir said: “In the first stage, we will start theatre education in Basel in June. We will also provide training throughout Switzerland during the term. We aim to continue our Kurdish theatre activities with the projects we will introduce across Europe.”

Participants over the age of 16 will receive training in the workshop in the first place. Dozens of people have already registered.

Şehir taught theatre and cinema for many years in the cities of Turkey and Kurdistan. He has been living for more than a year in Switzerland, where he came as an exile after a 10-year jail time in Turkey.

Şehir aims to continue his theatre and cinema activities here as well.

Those who want to take part in the theatre workshop may get more information until May 15  through the followbaing phone number: 0041 77 981 55 61