Kurdish women participate in Festival of Cultures

Kurdish women participating in the Festival of Cultures Against Racism and Fascism in Bochum exhibited their culture and exposed the German state's criminalization practices against the Kurds.

Kurdish women participated in the Festival of Cultures Against Racism and Fascism ("Ruhr International das Fest der Kulturen"), which is held every two years in Bochum.

Duisburg Martyr Asya Yüksel Women's Council also participated in the two-day festival. Council co-speaker Rehşan Adar drew attention to the discrimination that Kurdish people and Kurdish women face in Germany and that the German state mentality criminalizes the Kurds here.

On the second day of the festival, the Koma Kulîlkên Rojê Group, which carries out cultural work within the Asian Yüksel Women's Council, attracted great attention with the halay dances they performed after introducing the local costumes of Kurdistan. The Women's Council also introduced Kurdish cuisine.

Invitations to the 18th Zilan Women's Festival to be held in Duisburg on 15 June were also distributed.