Martyr Elefterya Music Group, the voice and resistance of women

Martyr Elefterya Music Group, founded by young women, conveys the voice and resistance of women to society with its art.

Koma Martyr Elefterya, founded by 8 people in February 2021 in the city of Dêrik in the Cizre Region, continues to carry out its activities under the umbrella of Northern and Eastern Syria Hilala Zêrîn Women's Art and Culture.

Growing up in families passionate about music and art, the group members took their first steps in culture from their childhood. After participating in Hîlala Zêrîn's activities and forming the group, they moved from being an amateur to a professional.

Young women received basic musical education in addition to musical instruments such as saz, tambourine, guitar and darbuka for more than 2 years. They also studied the dengbêj, traditional and modern folk songs. They learned 40 songs by Kurdish artists such as Ayşe Şan and Aram Tîgran and sang them in celebrations and at different events.

Working on lyrics and music writing along with traditional songs, Koma Elefterya composed a song called ‘Xeml û Xêza Kurdistanê’ about the beauty of Kurdistan and another called ‘Gurzê Gerila’ about the resistance of Kurdistan freedom guerrillas.