People of Kobanê fill Culture and Art Center to watch film about their resistance

The film Kobanê, directed by Özlem Yaşar, premiered at Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center in Kobanê.

Hundreds of citizens in the Kobanê Canton filled the Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center where the premiere of the film Kobanê was held.

The film tells the story of the liberation of Kobanê, and the defeat of the Islamic State. The siege, war and liberation of the city occurred between 2014 and 2015, after ISIS occupied many regions in Iraq and Syria.

Özlem Yaşar directed the film, whose script was written by Medya Doz. The film was shot in 2021 by the Rojava Film Commune and the Democratic Culture and Art Movement (TEV-ÇAND). The movie was shot in different parts of the canton where the battles against ISIS took place a few years ago.

At the screening venue, the photograph of young Kurdish woman Jina Amini, who was killed by Iranian police, was hung.

The Commune announced that the film would be screened at the Baqî Xido Culture and Art Center at 7pm every day until Monday 26 September.