Photograph exhibition about Rojava opens in Berlin

Zîyaret , the exhibition by the photographer Caspar Ermert opened in Berlin on Saturday. The series of photos was taken during a trip through the autonomous region of North and East Syria.

The photo exhibition Zîyaret by Caspar Ermert opened in the Babett Gallery on Franz-mehring-Platz in Berlin on Saturday. Ermert visited and photographed northern and eastern Syria and documented the current situation in the autonomous region with his camera.

The pictures bear witness to the role of women and internationalists in the Rojava revolution, the legacy of ISIS, the attacks by Turkey and the constant threat of drones, and the current humanitarian situation.

Solin Janya from the Kurdish Women's Office Cenî said at the opening of the exhibition: "Despite constant threats, Rojava has created an alternative life and awakened hope. The Autonomous Administration with its democratic structure is a hope for all peoples and the Kurdish women have filled this hope with life. As Kurdish women, we are committed to ending war everywhere.”

The pictures show the life of the different population groups in a new social system. Janya continued: "We can see here beyond peace and war how social coexistence can be possible. The role of women is decisive.”

Among the guests at the opening were Ute Russ and Thomas Gedig, the parents of Konstantin Gedig, better known by his Kurdish name Andok Cotkar. The internationalist came to Serêkaniyê in October 2019 to resist the Turkish invasion.

The exhibition can be seen until 18 July and admission is free. The illustrated book Zîyaret has been published to accompany the exhibition. The proceeds from the sale go to the Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê e.V.).