Rewend, Wandering Kurdish Cinema lands in Turin

Rewend, Wandering Cinema is a project aimed at promoting and distributing the cinematographic works produced by the Rojava Film Commune in Italy, the Spanish state and France. The first stop was Turin.

Rewend, Wandering Cinema opened its tour in Turin at the Cinema Museum. Rojava Film Commune directors Ersin Celik (The End Will be Spectacular) and Sherif Ciçek presented Rewend as well as the projects of the Rojava Film Commune and a special book published for the project in three languages; English, Spanish and Italian.

Ersin Celik said that the Rewend is a "very important project because it allows to spread the work of the Rojava Film Commune on one hand and to explain the idea behind the project and the production." 

The presentation was followed by a concert by the group Rewend, three young Kurdish musicians who got together to accompany the project in its tour of Italy, Spanish State and France.

The films presented at Cinema Massimo were Love in the Face of Genocide by Sêro Hindî and Shadow of the Kurdish Mountain by Azad Evdike.

The program of the Turin event can be found here

The webpage of the project where is possible to find all dates and info is

Rewend, Wandering Cinema is a project aimed at promoting and distributing the cinematographic works produced by the Rojava Film Commune in Italy, the Spanish state and France.

To distribute and promote their film production and other films produced in northeast Syria, the Cinema Commune will be supported by OVNI (Barcelona) and Streamthings (through its platform The project was awarded the 2021 Göteborg Film Fund.

The Rojava Film Commune, Komîna fîlm a Rojava is a collective of filmmakers founded in 2015, based in the autonomous region of Rojava in the Federation of Northern and Eastern Syria. The commune is actively working in the region to rebuild and reorganise the infrastructures of filmmaking and film education.

OVNI Observatory and Streamthings have already been involved in the distribution and promotion of Kurdish cinema, both through the online screening of the Rojava Film Festival and the Purple Meridians ( project, sponsored by Eurimage in 2021.

Rewend aims to increase distribution opportunities for Kurdish cinema in two ways: a travelling festival in the three countries (Italy, Spain and France) that will also establish a network of cinemas and venues for future projects, and the creation of a streaming programme.