Soprano Mizgîn Tahir to sing at 'Kurdish Women's Festival Rojbin’ in Paris

From the ‘Kurdish Women's Festival Rojbin’ in Paris, to the ‘Nuits Métis’ festival in Miramas, the Kurdish soprano, Mizgîn Tahir will give several concerts in France between June 15 and July 15.

Mizgîn Tahir, one of the very few Kurdish opera singers in Syria, will be in France from 15 June to 15 July to give concerts, workshops and meetings with performers from very diverse backgrounds.

Tahir comes from Rojava and sings classical repertoires, operas that she has translated into Kurdish, but also committed compositions in homage to her territory. She also runs a music school.

In France, Tahir will attend the ‘Festival of Kurdish Women – Rojbin’ in Paris on Sunday 18 June.

She is invited by the Marcho Doryila association – which develops international cultural solidarity actions – and several festivals and places of friends and partners. After months of exchanging scores, pieces, and desires with musicians here, she will participate in meetings at the Nuits Métis Festival, in an exchange and creation residency in Drôme (from July 1 to July 5 ) with musicians from various backgrounds - Eric Longsworth, cellist, Daniel Mille, accordionist, Gianna Caronni, clarinetist -, at various concerts and at the Oasis Bizz'art Festival, at a performance with the CAEM, music school in Dieuleft, then at a lyrical concert at the Ferme du Bonheur in Paris with Bernard Cavanna and his trio for lieder by Schubert.