The resistance of the women in Shengal becomes a theatre play

The resistance of the women against the ISIS massacre in Shengal became a theatre play.

The horrors of the massacre carried out by ISIS mercenaries in Shengal in 2014 are still alive in the memories and lives of the victims, yet, the great resistance of Kurdish women against that massacre has taken its place in the world of art and literature.

Director Anina Jendreyko and producer Pascal Moor, who investigated the massacre carried out by ISIS in Shengal by going to the region and meeting the women who had joined the resistance, have taken the aftermath of the massacre on stage, with a play called "Strong women of Shengal".

The first performance of the play was held in the Volksbühne theater in Basel. Hundreds of people watched the theater play featuring artists and musicians such as Carmen Dalfogo, Ivan Anderson, Esra Uğurlu, Ferhat Fegi, Süleyman Çernawa, Sosin Sewsen, Metin Yılmaz.

The play will continue to be staged in the Volksbühne theater in Basel until 24 October.

Anina Jendreyko, the director of the multi-language play, said that she lived in Shengal for months in order to research and write the play. She added that she examined the transformation of the women participating in the resistance before and after the massacre, as well as the cultural and social structure of the Yazidi people.

Stating that they would like to perform the play in different European cities, Anina added: "Let's share the stories of resistance as they will warm us up in these cold days."